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Do you ever think about parking lot lights?

If you are like most people, you do not give much thought to parking lot lights. You probably take them for granted. Whenever you head out to a convenience store or grocery store at night, you know that those lights will be there. What if there were no lights though? The parking lot could take on a new, menacing appearance at night, and that store would certainly be a place that you don't want to visit. You can bet that criminals are thinking about these lights. Lack of light gives the shadier elements of society freedom to act.Those who own businesses know just how important it is to have high quality lights. It provides safety for their customers as well as for their employees. If you have a business, whether it is in a bad area of town or a good area, you are going to want to have parking lot lights that can illuminate the entire parking lot and cast away all of the shadows.When you are having the lights installed, it is important that you choose high quality lights that are bright enough to cover the whole lot. If one or two will not give sufficient light, add another. Of course, the number that you will need depends on the size of the lot.Employ the professionals at Head's Electric to come and install the lights and make sure that all of the wiring is connected properly. If you ever notice that any of the lights are burned out or that one of them is broken, you need to call and have someone come out to repair it right away.You will find that far more people are going to frequent your shop when you have lights for them at night. They are great for safety and for business!


WHY to use dimmer switches?

Dimmer switches are easy to add to your home, and they do not require any special remodeling as some other types of lighting might. These switches are great for setting the mood and giving you just the right amount of light in your home, no matter the time of day or night. You can use them in many different rooms of the house. Here are a few ways that you might want to use them. In the dining room, dimmer switches allow you to control the mood lighting when you are having a dinner party or a romantic evening with that special someone. Many people are also installing them in the bathroom. You can leave the light on a dim setting in the bathroom so that if you get up in the middle of the night, a bright light is not going to hurt your eyes and wake you up. Every room of the house can benefit from dimmer switches! You can find many different types of switches to use, and some of the newer models even come with a remote control. That makes controlling your lighting easier than ever before!


What could be causing your lights to flicker?

If you notice that the lights in your house are suddenly flickering, it might be quite alarming. Most people, since they do not know much about the electrical wiring in their home, do not know what could be causing the flickering, but before you call in a group of ghost hunters, consider some more rational explanations that have to do with the wiring! One of the common causes of flickering lights in the house is a phenomenon called arcing. This happens when a wire is loose and it doesn't have full contact with the other wires. The current can arc across the gap, and you will have the flickering effect that you are experiencing. The nature of arcing is very dangerous, and without the proper attention, it can cause a buildup of heat and possibly start an electrical fire. Another possibility is a bad breaker box that could be causing some strange things to happen with your electricity. Sometimes, the problem is a simple fix. Maybe the light bulb that you have in the lamp or fixture is not connected properly, or it might even need to be changed. If changing the bulb doesn't change your flickering lights, you are going to have to call in a professional electrician, and you do not want to waste time getting him or her out to your house. The longer you wait the worse and more dangerous the problem can become. Flickering lights, while they seem as if they are nothing more than a mild annoyance, can have far-reaching and dangerous repercussions. You don't want to take the safety of you and your family for granted.


We utilized Head's Electric to do all the electrical work during the construction phase for the 32 unit complex at Concord Green Apartments. The timeliness, workmanship, and follow-up of the job have

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